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All Caught Up

Hrrmmm. I seemed to have finished all of my ebook projects. I'm now waiting on translators and publishing companies..... It feels really really weird. Now, all I have to do all day is watch anime. I'm pretty sure I'm gonna hit 100 series soon..... Is that a lot? I don't know what the standard is.... With any luck, I'll come across a good one that was based off of a manga, then I can pick up that manga and have something to do again!

/sigh. I can't wait until I finish school and go to college. Maybe a bit of Japanese homework will help straighten out my lack of tasks and lazy tendencies.


End of the Year

Well, I'd like to say I've finished everything up, but really, this week I started some things that won't be cleared until next week. At least everything on my part is done.

I'm excited for the next projects on my list: Baka and Test novels, Soul Eater manga, Walkin' Butterfly drama, Burimyu Subtitles! I've already gotten a lot done in just the short month and a half that I've made my ebook blog active. I even managed to stray a bit from my plans and do some spontaneous novels.

Well, I'm gonna keep watching different anime, keep getting interested and moving on to their paperback counterparts, and keep formatting them for my Kindle. It may seem weird, but I really like what I do. It's fun. Besides, it's the closest I can get to Japan for now, until I get to college and study abroad :3

End-of-the-Year Progress

Since I promised not to post any kind of update on my blog.....

All of my End-of-the-Year projects are well on track. In fact, I've only got one thing left to work on until I'm done! My sister's been helping out with it, so it's been going kind of slow. We should be done today, though, which will free up a bunch of time for cleaning and sorting and whatnot.

New Year's truly is the best time of all, but I feel so bored when I'm not working on anything...


New to LiveJournal

My first entry! Yay! I've been stalking around LJ for a while and decided to make myself one, even if I don't use it. It's going to take me a while to get used to everything around here, but I'll do my best.


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